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Ecuador Herping Expedition July 2022

An amazing 2 week expedition through the various jungles of Ecuador. We stopped at Septimo Paraiso Lodge in Mindo, Parque Bosque La Perla in the Chocó, Yasuni Scientific Station in the Amazon, and Marina Lodge also in the Amazon. We were guided by an expert from Tropical Herping who helped with spotting critters at night and photography tips.

Bothrocophias hyoprora-4.jpg


Bothrocophias hyoprora

Bothrocophias hyoprora, or the Toadheaded Pitviper, was the only venomous snake we saw on this trip, and my first real experience handling dangerous snakes. This beautiful female's poses and calm nature made me fall in love with venomous snakes.


Anolis proboscis

This quirky lizard is called the Pinocchio Anole because of the protrusion of scales on males' noses. Only males have this trait in the species, and it seems to be a secondary sexual characteristic. It is purely flesh and scales, so is it bendable and males presumably do not fight with them.

Anolis proboscis-5.jpg
Choeradodis rhomboidae-3.jpg


Choeradodis rhomboidae

One of the most intimidating insects, the Shield Mantis looks extraterrestrial with the right lighting and pose. Mantises have always held a special place in my heart, and the Shield Mantis was quite an exciting surprise, blending right in with the leaves!


Pipa pipa

The Pipa pipa, or Suriname Toad, had been on my herping bucket list since I learned of its existence in the Master Herpetologist Program. The Suriname Toad is a bizarre creature, it looks like it has been flattened by a car, its fingers are like fractals, and it hatches babies out of holes in its back, and its innocent face is hilarious!

Pipa pipa-4.jpg
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata-1.jpg



Ranitomeya ventrimaculata

This beautiful Reticulated Poison Frog was photographed carrying one of its tadpoles on its back. Poison dart frogs shuttle their tadpoles on their backs, one by one, to move them from dried out puddles to full ones. Usually, it is the dad that takes care of their little tadpoles.

Want to see all the photos from this trip? Click on the album below!

Ecuador Herping Photos 2022

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