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My Photos

These photos offer a glimpse into the beautiful wildlife of Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar, and other diverse areas I have had the privilege to explore. All creatures were found in their natural habitat and photographed with utmost care, respect, and attention to mitigate stress. The subjects of my photos were left right where they were found or moved to a safer location when spotted on roads or walkways. My photos are freely available for scientific use provided that credit is given to Sam Schenker. If you would like access to higher resolution versions of these pictures (or a specific format), please contact me at: . Merchandise of ScaleSnaps displaying the pictures you see on this site will be coming soon. Equipment that was used to take these pictures is generally described on the About page.

The following photos are just highlights from my expeditions. Want to view all the pictures? Click Here

Madagascar Highlights

Ecuador Viper Exp. Highlights

Ecuador Herping

All Photos